Dasein Deconstruction Exhibition @ The Annexe

8th 11th of May, 11am 7pm at Central Market Annexe

is the title of this exhibition, a final project organized by the final year students of Dasein Academy of Art. Involved with 3 of the 4 main courses of Dasein which is Graphic Design, Illustration, and Fine Art.

The main and most important purpose of this project is to unleash all the art and design skills that we've been training and learning for 3 years in our college. This exhibition can be said as our final testifier to our 3 years of efforts, hard works, experiences.

Of course, the second most important purpose is to give an opportunity to ourselves and the public to interact together, because we get to show our artworks and they get to know about how far is the boundaries of arts and designs? and finally, we get our precious feed backs.

Our concept, which pronunciation is econstruction [解构] that basically means breakdown into constituent parts; dissect; dismantle. To be clear however, our title is construction [解构后结构] instead of é›»econstructivism [解构主义] which means our ideas of construction are not limited by any terms or meanings found in the dictionary, art movement or philosophical records.

Our ideas can be far more than that, can be anything as long as it still bears the basic thinking of econstruction. In order to unleash our creativity and imagination to the fullest potential, our thoughts should not be limited. Thus our rules are no rules.

Each and every student from Graphic Design, Illustration and Fine Art will be doing researches and studies on their own, and then come out with different ideas to present their own thinking of construction by using unlimited mediums such as posters, photographs, books, typography, installation arts, paintings, T-shirts, furniture, lamps, etc.

Expect the unexpected, watch how we break normal perceptions and gain new inspirations.
Please visit us at 8th 11th of May, 11am 7pm at Central Market Annexe.
Don't miss it!

10th May 1pm,
Performer : Dian Bang, Flica, Silent Scenery


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Anonymous June 20, 2008 at 12:07 AM  

I really liked the concept of this until I came upon this website http://www.ameliaroberts.com/degreeshow.htm I'd hate to say copycatters, but it looks very alike to me. Right down to it's type and colour scheme.

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